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Let's talk about resonation or resonating. its an awesome feeling especially when its connecting with you on a spiritual emotional level. i am learning something about it and its been a challenge. first i learned/ing i resonate with others on a spiritual path rather than others this includes (strangers, close friends, acquaintances vs relatives, other friends).

just now learning that resonation will not always occur all the time with the same people. there will be times when you dont resonate with a person you have a connection with even if you resonate a lot with them. you need to distinguish true authentic resonation vs false forced resonation. what i mean is trust yourself dont automatically believe you will always resonate with someone with whom you have a great connection with. its not fair to you or them; being honest authentic is best. Yes this is a real difficult challenge for me ,which i am learning to accept. practice & figuring it out.

thanks for listening- Anyone else have thoughts ideas💙🤔



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