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WOOOOWWEEEE my loves. I've had quite the day so far!

I am between Yuma, AZ and Los Algodones, MX having fairly extensive dental work done. Day 1 of 2 down, and what a doozy.

Today was, spiritually speaking though, an incredible day for me.

I have a genetic gum disease and it is set to eventually result in myle losing my teeth 😭

I've always been told there's no cure, and I can kiss my teeth goodbye at about 40. I basically have to floss and brush nonstop buuuuttt, I'm still pretty fucked.

But ya know me...I never really settled for an "expert's" final say.

So I got busy praying.

I prayed for 10 years to God for a solution to my gum issues. For a CURE.

I wanted the whole thing done with, if you please!

It took a long time for those prayers to be answered because Spirit had to break through a lot of shame I carried. Around my teeth and a bunch of other bullshit. But a lot of it packed into my teeth.

About a year ago, I finally admitted out loud for the first time that I felt ashamed of the state of my teeth.

I wanted to die as soon as the words came out. Put I couldn't put them back in my mouth.

So I rolled with it, and told a few other people. And a few more. Until I'd said it enough that could live with it out in the open.

But once it was out, I had to work on it. Otherwise, it's just a story. Hello, Soulmatic Renewal!

So I did that work.

And over the course of about a year, as I began to release this build up of shame, things started to line up, and my prayers started to be answered.

My best friend told me about this dentist he'd been going to for years in Mexico. My body lit up.

So I went on a ridealong last month to get a consult and see what they had to say.

What they told me literally made me cry.

They told me that my teeth were fine, and I just had gum issues.

Then they said "everyone has some form of this. You didn't do anything wrong." Or words to that effect.

I "know" I didn't do anything wrong for my gums to be the way they are, but I sure always felt like I did.

Then they told me that the body can regenerate and heal itself, including the gums


all they had to do was create an environment for the gums to heal and regenerate. And then I can save my teeth AND BE RID OF THE GUM DISEASE.

Oh. And get this: the treatment is capping my teeth and covering my gums so that they have a dry environment to regenerate, which has the added benefit of a sweet cosmetic makeover for my battered middle aged teeth.

Now, it's an ordeal. Today they ground my natural teeth down to nubs to fit the crowns tomorrow 😳

That was terrifying.

But talk about a killer exercise for mindset work. Jee-zus.

My guide, Monz, showed up. My angels walked into the bodies of dentists and assistants to care for me. I noticed that the healers at my side became more gentle and kind as soon as I saw these Spirit enter the bodies of these humans.

Not to take them over, but to influence care and kindness. For me.

(OK, I'm gonna start crying again!)

And Spirit told me that this experience today, and tomorrow, is the final release of alllll that shame I have carried in my body. About my teeth. But really, about me as a human.

They affirmed that I would not have found the cure to my gum disease if I hadn't done the work to let go of the shame.

And it took so long because, well, I couldn't look at my shame for quite a long time. Because I believed that bullshit.

My Guide and angels also said if I'd never picked up that shame in the first place I would never have had to go through this at all 🤣


I'm sore right now. But I'm so grateful. And my tribe came out in droves to help this happen, too.

My loves, anything and everything is possible.

Stay committed to Spirit. Stay committed to your spiritual work. Pray and find any and all ways to bolster your faith.

This shit works.

I love you.




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