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How to Live Epically

A Crash Course in Miraculous Living

May 24th - 27th, 2022


Pay What
You Can!



I live epically.

And I fucking love my life.

I am abundant in money, in love, in career, in God, in all of life!


I travel full time. I write poetry and publish books. I channel spirit and share the message with people who care.

And I help people excavate their inner being and let her loose on the world!


But my life was not always epic. Oooooh noooooo.

Omg. Babes. 🙈


I crawled out of a dark and dank place

filled with rage and anxiety

resentment and failure

alcoholism, codependency, and destruction.


It was ugly. I destroyed a lot during that time, including my reputation.


Weirdly, people don’t respond well to a drunk rage-aholic. 🤷‍♀️

Then I had This Moment of Crazy Courage

I was able to turn inward and see

my part (the biggest part) in the destruction of my life and happiness.


Yes, it hurt. My poor ego 😂


But you know what - the magic started right away.


And for the last decade, I have walked back and forth across recovery and healing, creating a packed down path of self love that I can depend on no matter what.

I can lead you there.

My darling, You diss the gift of your existence by continuing to choose fear and suffering.


You’re meant to live in joy, freedom, and love.

Most people don't know how to get from fear to love in a consistent way. I can show you how. And when I do, everything will change.


Let’s facilitate your fuckin' dreams this week.

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Epic With Me This Week.

I’ll share every hack I use that makes my life miraculous.


My tools work fast with consistent practice and faith in yourself.


Learn the exact process, methods, and tools I use to create and maintain my epic life.

Learn how To free Yourself from the ravages of conditioned unlovability and:


Pay What
You Can!

  • Build your perfect lifestyle

  • Thrive in your work

  • Make plenty of money

  • Reignite your creativity

  • Love yourself no matter what

  • Trust yourself implicitly

  • Positively impact everyone you meet

And there’s more, which will come out during this week together.

Are You Ready For Miracles?

Here's where we'll start:

  1. Four (4) interactive zoom calls over four days

  2. Recorded audio sent over in case you can’t make every single call


Thank you! Check your email for class details.

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It's May 24th - 27th

We meet at 10am PST | 11am MST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST

Classes will be recorded and sent to you if you can't attend every day.

"I would normally charge around $500 for this course, but I'm so much more interested in teaching more people than fucking with money."