Ingrid H. Turner
Booking Policy

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You are so appreciated.

Thank you for existing. 

Generally, people don't realize the energy expenditure of psychic and spiritual work. Ingrid spends time before, during, and after your session deeply immersed in your energy, communing with Spirit on your behalf, and providing focused guidance towards your highest expression. She also may spend time researching, documenting, and educating herself on certain aspects of your charts. 

Due to an uptick in last minute cancellations and re-bookings, we have created a policy that helps offset some of that energy expenditure and lost income from not being able to fill your spot at the last minute.

Please read our booking policy below.


By booking any of Ingrid's services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. 

Our Booking Policy


You may request and receive a full refund less any explicitly stated non-refundable deposits with Ingrid given a minimum notice of cancellation of:

  • 24 Hours for a reading

  • 48 hours for Soulmatic Renewal

  • 48 hours for Human Design

If you do not provide notice outlined above, no refund will be applied. You may reschedule your session. Please read our re-schedule and re-booking policy below. 

Re-Scheduling and Re-Booking

You may reschedule your session with Ingrid without a rebooking fee with a minimum notice of 24 hours. 

Without the 24 hours + notice, the following re-booking fees apply:

  • Reading: $25

  • Human Design: $30

  • Soulmatic Renewal: $50

Please contact us if a dire emergency happens. We may provide refunds and waive the fees outside of the minimum notice on a case by case basis.